The Boundary Lands


Your dutiful scribe must bring this tale to an end now… Sadly no more records can be found of the brave heroes that saved the world from the darkness of the Keystone Mortalis. Of course, that was only one of their many deeds, if perhaps the most significant. Among their other titles must be Saviors of Arastur, Sijil, and Osteros; Champions of the Arena, Dragon Slayers, and Demon Slayers; Rescuers of the Villagers of Al’abazan; Defenders of the Thri-Kreen Tribe of Chieftain Grux’Nichil; Vanquishers of the Arinfax Colossus; Leaders of the Reborn Empire of Nerath; and of course, most importantly, Adoptive Parents of Lucinda, Rescuers of Lock, and Friends of Old Breddy.

There are many questions left unanswered.

Were the heroes able to destroy the Keystone Mortalis, so that it could not be used again to threaten the world?

What became of Daza, The Zaza’s brother? Did he find The Zaza’s family and village? Were they unscathed by the undead hordes?

Did Erik visit the spirit of his birth mother, Milicin, who haunted the ruins of Uthrin’s Keep?

Invicto secretly kept a few interesting dark artifacts for himself that he pilfered from the ice trolls’ cave. What kind of trouble might he have gotten into experimenting with such dangerous and powerful magics?

How did the Empire of Nerath fair in the ashes of the north? With the leader of the undead threat removed, did the remaining bastions of civilization rally to the Empire’s banner, or turn against the growing threat to their independence?

What became of Palloth and Aramil’s budding romance?

What other pointless inventions did Lock come up with while he was supposed to be researching something of importance for the party?

When Old Breddy eventually passed, did the party have his tombstone read ‘Old Breddy’ or ‘Old Bready’?

Perhaps one day more records will be discovered that will shed light on the further adventures of these heroes, but until then, this is where the tale must conclude. Hopefully their story has lightened your burdens for a time.



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