Kasalat has a mixed geography, with tracts of forest as well as rolling hills and wide plains. It is bordered on the south by the great forest kingdom of Quinalyn, and on the north some mountain ranges rise before giving way to the Great Ice Sheet. The nation of Kasalat shares a large border with the Torin Plains, making its population one of the most battle-hardened in the world. Almost every citizen, from peasant to aristocrat, is trained to be able to fight, and skirmishes with the Goblinoids from the Torin Plains are a regular occurrence. This makes one of Kasalat’s biggest exports a service – mercenary work. The mercenaries of Kasalat are known throughout Acheron as the best money can buy. Kasalatans are often hired as trainers for everything from personal tutelage of nobility to consulting on the development and command of a city’s, or nation’s, armies.

The majority of Kasalatans are human, though there is a decent mix of other races, including a large population of Elves and Eladrin from Quinalyn. Sharing a border with the Torin Plains gives rise to a large population of Half-Orcs as well.

The nation was the origin of the Empire of Nerath. The great empire of the humans spread out from Kasalat’s capital of Korindor and conquered a large portion of the known world, spreading as far south as the deserts of Herkashor and the Kingdom of Salvane. The Empire has recently fallen, though, as its massive size eventually led to difficulties in administration, which provided opportunities for revolt. The last Emperor of Nerath, Essran, did manage to broker a deal to preserve Nerath in some small way. He arranged to leave the capital city of Korindor to head for the Boundary Lands and reclaim the lost city of Verind’s Edge from the Goblinoid tribes of the Torin Plains. To date, he has been successful in reviving the city.

Kasalat’s battle-ready citizenry have created a survival-of-the-fittest culture. There is some aristocracy that lay claim to lands, but many cities are simply led by commoner warlords who rose to power through sheer force. Most cities and fiefdoms rule themselves independently, but when communal decisions need to be made, the central government functions as a type of republic, with nobles and warlords alike debating in the Kasalatan Senate to settle issues. The Senate is led by a First Minister who is periodically elected by the Senate. The common people of the city of Korindor actually have a voice in the Senate as well with a periodically selected Minister of the Commons. Amongst the aristocracy, ‘Trial by Combat’ (often with a chosen Champion) is sometimes an accepted practice for settling charges of criminal acts.

In addition to mercernary work, Kasalat benefits from trade in a variety of unique resources found only in the plains of Kasalat, along with some resources found only in the Torin Plains. These include goods such as silk worms and a type of plant that yields an inexpensive, high-quality dye.

The nation is fairly religious, with a variety of gods worshipped throughout the country. Temples are most commonly found to the gods Pelor, Kord, and Erathis. The largest temple in the country, and one of the largest in the world, is the Temple of the Sun, found in the city of Lochern.

The country played a major role in The Righteous Wars.


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