The Empire of Nerath

The Empire of Nerath spread over most of the known world for nearly a century, but it began to fall into decay, internal rivalries blossomed into civil war, and eventually the empire fell entirely. As its borders receded, ambitious nobles seized the opportunity to reclaim their past lands and titles, and vicious warlords arose to claim new territory for themselves. The Empire of Nerath was originally founded in the ancient nation of Kasalat, at the northern edge of the civilized world, and its capital remained there, in the city of Korindor. As Nerath’s end became imminent, the current Emperor, Essran, conceded defeat and brokered a deal to preserve himself and the remnants of his empire.

The Emperor took what was left of his army, no more than 3,000 soldiers, and his remaining loyal followers and led them to reclaim the city of Verind’s Edge – an outpost that has been lost for nearly a century to the Goblinoid races of the Torin Plains. The Torin Plains border the nation of Kasalat on the northwest, and throughout all of history, civilization has never spread into the plains. The Torin Plains have always been inhabited solely by a mass of Goblinoid races – orcs, kobolds, goblins, ogres – and other monstrous creatures. Verind’s Edge is the farthest that civilization has ever ventured into the Torin Plains and for centuries it was the first line of resistance against the Goblinoid races. The nobles and warlords of Kasalat were willing to let the Empire of Nerath live on in a small city on the edge of the world if it would extend the borders of Kasalat and reestablish the nation’s presence further into the unclaimed lands of the Torin Plains. Moreover, Nerath’s enemies thought there was a good chance the Goblinoid races would simply finish off the Empire on their own.

Verind’s Edge

Essran arrived roughly seven years ago, and he has successfully revived Verind’s Edge and fended off the attacks of the Goblinoid tribes. The keep is now the center of a bustling city (as much as one can be when it sits on the edge of the known world). Essran married a noblewoman, Larindra of Thersi, from the Boundary Lands to help legitimize his standing within the region. He kept the original name of the city unchanged to gain favor with the peoples of the Boundary Lands who have known Verind’s Edge by no other name for centuries (though Essran still names himself as the Emperor of Nerath).

Some of the existing nobles in the Boundary Lands resent the emergence of Verind’s Edge. There are some precious resources native to the Torin Plains, and by occupying a city further out in the Boundary Lands, Verind’s Edge has taken a hefty share of the trade in such goods. Moreover, the city has become somewhat prestigious for successfully reclaiming lands that had been lost for nearly a century. The nearest fiefdom, Uthrin, led by the noble, Sir Uthrin III, is particularly bitter towards Verind’s Edge. Outright war has not broken out, but some skirmishes do occur, and relations are quite strained to say the least.

First Knight Thalus

Some time after reclaiming Verind’s Edge, the Emperor discovered an ancient Goblinoid prophecy, which claimed a great creature known as the Arinfax Colossus was destined to rise up and lead the Goblinoid races to crush the civilized lands. The Emperor sent his most trusted man, First Knight Thalus, to hunt down the Arinfax Colossus and slay it before it could complete this supposed prophecy. Sir Thalus recently returned with good news – after exploring the Torin Plains for some time, he discovered the beast was a great dragon and tracked it to its cave where he slew it. The city of Verind’s Edge now plans to host a grand celebration to honor Sir Thalus and the slaying of the Arinfax Colossus.


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