The Boundary Lands

Chapter 14 - Meanwhile... (s. 32)

14.1 The Other Battle of Arastur

While the party is busy taking on the gravest threats the army of undead can offer, there are of course many other skirmishes throughout the battle of Arastur that are of some importance. One such skirmish concerns some of the party’s closest friends. Fortunately, each party member gets a chance to offer an encouraging wave to one of their friends on the wall before the battle starts:

  • The Zaza – Lucinda, human ranger
  • Erik – Old Breddy, human warlord
  • Aramil – Palloth, half-elf thief
  • Invicto – Voland, wilden invoker of Melora

This group is standing guard together on Arastur’s west wall, which quickly becomes deserted as the undead are magically compelled to try to reach the silver carafe on the main wall. Somehow, a group of undead, led by the Deathlock Uthrin, is able to magically protect themselves from the call of the carafe and break through the west wall. The group quickly pursues them, along with a few soldiers under Old Breddy’s command.

Chasing the undead through the city, they discover the group is headed for the lone boat in harbor, where Empress Larindra and the heir, Marin III, are hiding. Sir Uthrin plans to end the line of the Empire of Nerath once and for all. Fortunately, the group is able to fight through Uthrin’s minions and catch up with the Deathlock on the docks. During the fight, Old Breddy’s strength is waning, and the old veteran is almost brought low by a vicious blow from Uthrin’s claws, but Lucinda is able to fire an arrow at the last second that pierces straight through Uthrin’s hand, preventing the attack from finishing off Old Breddy. The group celebrates their victory, and the innocent women and children on the boat offer their thanks to the ragtag group.



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